Alfa Pizza Gas Burners

Benefit from advances in technology to keep your oven temperature constant! The Alfa Easy gas burned does all the work for you.


How does the Alfa Easy gas burner work?

The Alfa Easy gas burner is positioned under the oven floor. Alfa pizza ovens are prefabricated to fit with the Alfa Easy gas burners and the burner is constructed to resist high temperatures. You should specify the fuel type needed at the time of purchase, since the burners are available for both methane and GPL.

Alfa Easy Gas Burner with Double Flame

  • Cooking with an Alfa Easy Gas Burner is simple and quick with minimum waiting times.
  • The oven stays lit, with one of the two flames always lit.
  • Two flames are better than one! The second flame ignites automatically when needed.

Fully Automatic Control Unit

  • Control of the Alfa Easy gas burner is entirely automatic, freeing the operator to focus on making pizza.
  • Temperatures stay constant even when the oven is being used to maximum capacity.
  • Oven temperature responds automatically to the number of pizzas needed, saving fuel and money.

Alfa Easy Mini Gas Burner – 20 Kw

The new Alfa Easy Mini 20 Kw gas burner can be installed in the following ovens:

  • Quick Pizzeria
  • Fiesta Pizzeria
  • Special Pizzeria 120, 132, Quadro & Angolo

About the Alfa Easy Burner

  • The Alfa Easy gas burner is fully automatic and maintains a controlled the temperature for making pizza.
  • Compared to electric ovens, the Alfa Easy gas burner is much cheaper. It is estimated that natural gas is 50% cheaper than electricity.
  • Without a fire, there is room for up to 3 more pizzas in the oven. A nice convenience for a greater production of pizza.
  • With the Alfa Easy gas burner, you will never ever need to see the Fire Department.
  • Maintenance is so simple a local plumber can find all the parts for you.

How to use the wood/gas combo oven

Mixed fuel: wood / gas combo: 
Start the oven with wood to give the oven initial heat, and then continue with gas throughout the rest of the evening.

Gas only: 
Turn on the switch and set the desired cooking temperature and let the Alfa East control unit take care of the oven temperature for the rest of the night.