Choosing Your Pizza Oven

Choosing a Commercial Woodfired Pizza Oven

This simple guide to choosing an oven will help you to decide which oven best suits your needs, functions and aesthetics. If you have questions about which oven is right for you, owning, buying or operating your pizza oven, visit out FAQs page to find the answers.

How large should my oven be?

Choosing the right size pizza oven for your restaurant depends on how large your restaurant is. Using the table below, you can calculate the number of pizzas you would need to cook at a time, based on the size of your restaurant.

See table below for additional guidance:

Mini locale <4 pizzas Personal Pizzeria 106 / Fiesta Pizzeria
Restaurant Capacity – Up to 30 seats 4-6 pizzas Special Pizzeria 120, 132
From 30 to 60 seats 6-8 pizzas Special Pizzeria 142 / Pizza al Metro 140
From 60 to 100 seats 8-10 pizzas Special Pizzeria 152 / Pizza al Metro 150
From 100 to 150 seats 10-12 pizzas Special Pizzeria 162 / Pizza al Metro 160
Over 150 seats 12-15 pizzas Special Pizzeria 182

For restaurants with a capacity of more than 250 people, the installation of two ovens and/or an outdoor oven are suggested. See Pizza Corner Ovens.

Which oven should I choose? What kind of oven mouth should I choose?

“For cooking pizzas in round trays or take away pizzas, the most appropriate mouth is the one on the Special Pizzeria oven. The oven mouth was designed to give space at the bottom for the movement of pizzas and is narrow at the top, allowing the oven to retain heat, consume less wood and facilitate pizza entry and exit.

For cooking larger pizzas and trays and baking other products, the ideal oven mouth is the Pizza al Metro. With its large mouth and curved shape, you can fit large trays into the oven easily.

How do I decide where to position the pizza oven?

Choosing where to position your pizza oven should be a consideration you make based on the space you need and the organization and aesthetics of your restaurant.

In the corner

Placing your pizza oven in the corner of your restaurant can help to save space. The added benefit of having a corner oven is that it is visible from all angles of the restaurant. See Pizza Corner Ovens.

Against the wall

Placing your oven against the wall is ideal when you have a restaurant that is not very spacious or where it is possible to place your oven behind a wall so that only the oven mouth is visible. See Special Pizzeria & Amalfi Ovens

In the middle of your restaurant

Many restaurants choose to place the oven in a central location to send a clear signal that the oven is the centerpiece of their restaurant. Placing the oven at the center of the restaurant requires careful planning and a lot of space. See Custom Ovens.

In the corner outdoors

“With the Quick Pizzeria ovens you can add a new atmosphere to your oven. With a small investment, you can add a pizza oven to you restaurant without engaging in complicated restoration and you will immediately gain new clients from the products you can cook with a refractory oven.Many restaurants have increased their revenue by adding a Pizza Corner indoors or outdoors. In the spring and summer, at night, a Pizza Corner can add spectacle, taste and joy to your clients’ experience.”

In a special enclosure

In many cases, you will want to replace and existing oven. Where there is an existing enclosure that cannot be expanded, the Special Pizzeria Quadro is ideal. The Special Pizzeria Quadro has a modest form and is perfect for fitting into small places while still maintaining the signature Alfa dome.

Traditional, DIY, Monobloc or Custom Oven?

Use the guide below to choose the best solution for your restaurant, with all the certainty of having a quality Alfa product.

Traditional Modular Pizza Ovens

Modular refractory ovens, Special Pizzeria , Pizza al metro, Personal Pizzeria are the most traditional choice available from the range of Alfa producrts. Purchase the oven along with the materials needed to assemble it – refractory mortar and ceramic fiber insulation – and have a local expert install it.

For fans of DIY

Alfakits and Alfa modular ovens are the best choice for people who like to do things on their own. The oven can be installed by two people in a day’s work, without the need for skilled labor, and especially with the help of technical advice from Alfa. The Alfakits can be coated with lacquered steel or directly customized by the customer.

Alfa Monobloc Ovens

Alfa offers its Alfabloc ovens for those who want an oven immediately. The oven block can be positioned with the aid of a standard pallet. All masonry work can be avoided and the oven can begin functioning the same hour.

Alfa Custom Ovens

Alfa has created a new service for discerning clients that want a unique solution for their restaurant. With the Alfa For You Custom Ovens, you can give your space a distinct and unique look. Contact us today to find out more and create the oven you want from a wide variety of available materials

Choosing a Residential Pizza Woodfired Pizza Oven

It is easy to choose the right oven for your home. Use the guide below to choose the oven that best meets your needs. If you have questions about which oven is right for you, owning, buying or operating your pizza oven, visit out FAQs page to find the answers.

Where to place the oven?

Deciding where to place your oven depends on your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. Use the guide below to become familiar with some of the most common oven locations in order to help you decided the best place for your Alfa oven.

In the garden:

For lovers of garden parties and outdoor living during the summer months, having an oven in the corner of your garden will make every occasion a special one! Alfa ovens will distinguish your garden immediately by combining the taste of Mediterranean cuisine with first class Italian design.

Ovens recommended:

  • Forno 10 Minuti Forno Cuore Barbeuce
  • Forno 4 Pizze Forno Cuore
  • Forno 5 Minuti Forno Barbecue Fazenda
  • Forno Fiesta Forno Party
  • Forno Fiesta Barbecue Forno 2 Pizze
  • Forno Pizza & Brace Forno Pizza & Brace a gas
  • Forno Pizza & Brace a Metano

In the family room:

Installing your oven in the family room is a more private choice. Gather with family and close friends for special occasions, even when the weather doesn't permit outdoor cooking. With a quality Alfa oven in your family room, pizza, roasts, breads, and desserts all take on a flavour reminiscent of traditional country kitchens.

Ovens recommended:

  • Forno Master Vision 82
  • Forno Fire 105
  • Forno & BBQ Cooking Hearth
  • Forno Tradizionale 80
  • Forno Spazio 90

In the kitchen:

More and more people are moving towards traditional wood burning cooking on a regular basis and require an oven in their home kitchen. Installing an Alfa oven your kitchen allows your to use the oven daily for cooking all different types of meals, breads and desserts.

Ovens recommended:

  • Forno Tradizionale 80
  • Forno Punto 60
  • Forno Fire

On the porch or veranda:

Porches are generally most used during the spring summer and fall, providing the backdrop for various celebrations and get together with friends. Alfa recommends ovens that can withstand daily use and weather the elements for many many seasons.

Ovens recommended:

  • Forno Master Vision Angolo
  • Forno Boccalarga
  • Forno Personal 106
  • Forno Grand Chef 112
  • Forno Tradizionale 110

A corner for the oven!

A little-used corner of the house can be transformed with an Alfa oven. The perfect ovens for this use are those that take up very little space.

Ovens recommended:

  • Forno Fire
  • Forno Master Vision Quadro
  • Forno Tradizionale 110 x 160
  • Forno Spazio 90

On the terrace or balcony:

With Alfa's new range of stainless steel refractory ovens, you can use your balcony as an area for cooking pizza or your favorite foods. Alfa stainless steel ovens give you flexibility to cook whenever you want, with an oven that is always ready for you.

Ovens recommended:

  • Forno 5 Minuti
  • Forno 4 Pizze
  • Forno 10 Minuti
  • Forno 2 Pizze
  • Forno Pizza & Brace
  • Forno Pizza & Brace a Gas
  • Forno Pizza & Brace a Gas Metano

Do it yourself or ready-to-use?

With Alfa's wide range of ovens, you can choose to install a modular oven or get one that is ready to cook from the moment you decide where to place it.

Modular Ovens:

The modular option is the traditional choice for installing pizza ovens. Purchase an Alfa Modular pizza Ovens along with additional materials needed to install it – refractory mortar, ceramic fiber installation and bricks and install it yourself with our easy and intuitive guide. The advantages of this solution are of aesthetic nature allowing the oven to fit into existing walls in the house or garden.

Ready Ovens:

Alfa offers its Monobloc ovens for those who want an oven immediately, which is ready to cook as soon as it is connected to the chimney. These ovens are ideal for those who want to begin making pizza immediately without delay or for those who want to have a fully working oven with guaranteed aesthetic results.

Ovens recommended:

  • Forno 5 Minuti
  • Forno 4 Pizze
  • Forno 10 Minuti
  • Forno Fiesta Barbecue
  • Forno 2 Pizze
  • Forno Pizza & Brace
  • Forno Pizza & Brace a Gas
  • Forno Pizza & Brace a Gas Metano