Improve your Oven

Alfa Pizza’s team of experienced engineers are always working to improve maintenance, troubleshooting and restoration of Alfa Pizza ovens. Read the tips below some improvements tips and comments below.

Gas or pellet?

The wood has become a problem for the space? Alpha adds the power in your oven gas or pellets. is easier to fit in your oven on the burner or diffuser Easy Alfa Alfa pellet simply, call us to find out how.

The cooking surface is consumed?

is natural that after the passage of tens of thousands of pizzas the hob can be no longer in perfect shape. It should not be a problem for those who want the most out of the oven. Alpha, with its thirty years of specialization in manufacturing refractory is able to re-form the perfect cooking surface of the oven.

The dome of the oven is damaged?

The vaults of brick ovens, built of brick, after years of hard use may have openings that endanger the roof of the furnace. Do not worry you can remedy by appealing to the long experience of Alfa refrattaristica.

Your oven loses heat?

Many furnaces in operation were carried out by unskilled installers. is quite common for these furnaces do not have adequate insulation from the heat. The symptom of this occurs when the cooktop cools rapidly, the outer walls of the oven radiates heat into the room, adjacent rooms in contact with the oven is hot etc.. Alpha is able to intervene with its insulating materials superrefrattari and solve this annoying problem.

Your oven consumes too much?

It is often possible with some changes not too invasive act to consume less fuel to the furnace in operation. Alfa puts all his experience to give its contribution.

The check control of wood-fired oven

If the oven smokes

Check that the wood is wet and unburned coals. – Make sure that you have started a fire with flames, gradual but steady, in order to avoid incomplete combustion. – Check the size of the flue and air intake if the furnace is inside.

If the oven does not heat

Check that the fire is made ​​to the side of the oven, not near the mouth. – Making a continuous flame for 40-50 minutes with open flame. – Far consume the wood but not amass too much unburned coal and wood. – Add fuel to the fire graduamente . – If the surfaces are on the walls with temperatures higher than 40 ° C, the insulation of the furnace is inadequate and should improve it.

If the oven cools quickly

It could be the first ignition or ignition after long inactivity. – Check the insulation of the oven (the external surfaces must be hot.) – Avoid sudden and quick to make a fire, do not scald the oven. – Check that the oven does not enter the water or moisture. – If the flames come from the mouth of the oven, close the door part.

Understanding the proper temperature of the oven

When we turn becomes white with a temperature around 250 ° C – When a dusting of flour on it becomes black smoke and we exceed 280 ° C, only if it becomes blonde and darkens slowly around 220 ° C is the temperature for baking bread. – If sugar blackens us beyond 180 ° C – If a drop of water evaporates velcemente are above 100 ° C.

The wood oven for all types of foods

To optimize the use of the oven should cook food with the following gradation:

01:00 Before cooking: pizza and roasts 300 ° C

The pizza roast and glia require flame and a temperature around 300 ° C

02:00 Second baking: bread, meat and vegetables 220 ° C

When the fire is off to bake bread, tins of meat and vegetables around 220 ° C

04:00 Third cooking: sweet 170 ° C

In the third stage cook the Doci of about 170 ° C

06:00 Fourth cooking beans and boiled 100 ° C

Cooking in the crock of beans, boiled, cooked in a water bath etc.. around 100 ° C

12:00 Fifth cooking dried fruits and vegetables 60 ° C

Fifth cooking dried fruits and vegetables 60 ° C