Install your Alfa Pizza Oven

Step 1

Make two supports 75 cm high brick about to get a hearth 110 cm tall.

Step 2

Place a concrete slab bearing, about 15 cm thick.

Step 3

Make a plan about cm high. 15 in panels of lightweight cellular concrete or lightweight concrete based on expanded clay or vermiculite.

Step 4

After wetting the floor, spread a thin layer of Refrax with a notched trowel to lay the pieces of the plane.

Step 5

Wet the interstices between the pieces that make up the fire and filled with Refrax, taking care to keep the grout slightly lower than the floor, to avoid collisions blade oven. The space between the floor and walls of the dome is left blank and should not be plastered!

Step 6

After attaching the dome and the possible arc, check that the pieces are fully seated.

Step 7

After wetting the joints between the pieces that make up the dome, apply a bead of outside Refrax of 5 cm. If you want to have a greater thermal inertia, it is advisable to lay a layer of Refrax of the dome with a thickness up to 6 cm. In the larger furnaces must be placed in Refrax a thin wire.

Step 8

After the layer of Refrax , thermally insulate the furnace dome resting on the more layers of ceramic fiber . We recommend at least 4 layers of ceramic fiber .

Step 9

If you want to maintain the spherical shape of the oven view, one can make a jet of 3-4 cm of sand and cement above the insulation outside, on which has been previously placed a layer of metal mesh.

Step 10

If the furnace is installed outside, it is necessary to protect it from rain and moisture

SECTIONS MINIMUM OF CHIMNEY (in helmet indoor installation)

height of chimney greater than 10 m greater than 7 m greater than 6 meters greater than 5.5 m greater than 4.5 m greater than 3.5 m
Flue pipe section ø 15 cm ø 18 cm ø 20 cm ø 22 cm ø 25 cm ø 30 cm


Sizing the base remembering to add a space of about 20 cm in the two side walls and in that of the bottom. On the front of the base to leave the space to place the arc chosen.

How much fiber ceramic mortar and use?

Diameter inside oven Ceramic fiber Malta
80 2 rolls 75 kg
90 2.5 rolls 85 kg
100 3 rolls 100 kg
110 4 rolls 135 kg
120 4.5 rolls 150 kg
130 5 rolls 170 kg
140 6 rolls 200 kg
160 6.5 rolls 230 kg
180 9 rolls 320 kg