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Jun 03

Strait of Messina Trophy (Messina – Italia)

Friday, June 03, 2011

On May 31, 2011 the 1st National Championships of Pizza “Strait of Messina Trophy” were held at the Palm Garden Hotel in Messina, where pizza makers across Europe competed for the title of best pizza maker. The event was organized by F.I.P. (Italian Federation of Pizzaioli) led by President Giovanni Mento and his staff. The event was sponsored by Alfa and used our Forno Quick Oven.

In these photos we see that under pressure the Forno Quick oven was able to answer blow for blow to the hundreds of pizzas baked.

The event that was curated and designed by Giovanni Mento in order to exalt the qualities of a food and culinary history of pizza, and was very well received by the public and the participating pizza makers, considering that this was the first edition of the competition.

The Strait of Messina Trophy national championships featured some of the best pizza makers in Italy surrounded by an atmosphere of joy not found in other events. Prizes were awarded to various categories: traditional pizza, pan pizza, acrobatic pizza, large pizza and speed pizza. Alfa would like to thank the Strait of Messina Trophy team for recognizing the quality of an Alfa oven and choosing to use one in the show.

See you next year!

Great pizza for everyone! From the Strait of Messina!