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"Ambrogi" Amalfi Trans 1600

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  • "Ambrogi" Amalfi Trans 1600

    "Ambrogi" Amalfi Trans 1600

     Ambrogi professional wood and gas ovens for restaurants and pizzerias since 1939

    Ambrogi professional wood and gas pizza ovens are designed and assembled to assure our customers excellent performance and low waste.

    • Suitable materials - Baking surface in high temperature sintered refractory bricks (the old style!).        
      Strong refractory concrete domes with high aluminous cements.
    • The right form - Height and curvature of the dome and size of the stoke-hole proportionate to the size of the oven.
    • Insulation - Suitable materials such as calcium silicate, expanded perlite, etc.
    • Thermal flywheel - A large amount of suitable material under the baking floor allows keeping the heat so to avoid cooling and changes in temperature during work hours.

    High technology in the easiest way!

    All Ambrogi ovens could be arranged or directly fitted with gas burner

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