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"Alfa" Forno Quick Pro

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  • "Alfa" Forno Quick Pro

    Forno Quick Pro Forno Quick Pro (233 KB)

    "Alfa" Forno Quick Pro

    Note: This product may require approval from your local state gas authority to be able to operate it in your premises. Please contact your local gas authority for more information in gas regulations and licensing.

    Technical Details

    Floor area 1,08 m2
    Minutes to heat up 35
    Depth  90 cm
    Width 120 cm 
    N° pizzas at a time 7
    Bread baking 12 Kg 
    Cooking floor 120x90 cm 
    Pizzas in 15 minutes 26
    Average consumption  9 Kg/h
    Weight  260 Kg

    The Quick Pro oven has been designed to enter venues very easily. If necessary it can be moved vertically, to pass easily through openings. The oven is composed of steel and refractory materials manufactured by us. Using its 4 wheels, it can be moved inside or outside of the pizzeria easily. In comparison to ovens with a refractory dome, it takes half the time to heat up. The dome can be purchased separately from the base.

    1. The Quick Pro oven is also available in a gas version.
    2. The Quick Pro oven has a very large cooking floor for cooking any type of dish: 120 x 90 cm.
    3. The inner dome is made ​​of thermal, light and robust stainless steel.
    4. The Quick Pro oven has a cooking floor which is 5 cm thick
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