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"Alfa" Forno Special Pizzeria

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  • "Alfa" Forno Special Pizzeria

    "Alfa" Forno Special Pizzeria

    The Special Pizzeria 185 is ideal for those who have a room up to 150 seats, to churn out up to 15 pizzas at a time.

    Forno Special Pizzeria 185 Technical Details

    Inside diameter 184 ø cm
    External Width 199 cm
    External Depth 214 cm
    N° pizzas at a time 15
    Bread baking 30 Kg
    Pizzas in 15 minutes 56
    Average consumption 16 Kg/h
    Mouth Width 55 cm
    Mouth Height 35 cm
    Weight 1020 Kg

    The Special Pizzeria oven is recognised by industry experts as the oven that has been best able to meet consumer needs for 25 years, having been installed more than 2,000 times in more than 50 countries worldwide.

    Special Pizzeria, like all Alfa ovens, is made ​​of high quality materials and studied in detail during its workmanship by hand.

    Its big mouth, unmistakably Alfa, has been synonymous with quality and good eating for thirty years. In Italy and all over the world, industry operators recognise it for its mouth which is our hallmark and its best feature. Pizza makers are fond of this product that has no equal in the pizzeria sector in terms of the number of pieces installed.

    With the new "Series 2", the cooking area of the pizza is closer to the pizza maker thanks to the mouth being placed 20 cm closer to the centre of the cooking floor. With Special "Series 2" the pizza maker can monitor cooking very easily.

    1. Special Pizzeria is also available in a gas version.
    2. Special Pizzeria has been the world's best selling oven for pizzerias for 25 years: it is a sure thing!
    3. The Special Pizzeria oven is made with high quality materials able to withstand heat and daily use.
    4. The mouth of the Special Pizzeria oven is made ​​of shaped and customised cast iron which fits perfectly with the refractory. The advantage of the shaped mouth is easy viewing of the pizza while being cooked, without losing the warmth of the dome.
    5. Thanks to the perfectly spherical shape, the dome of the Special Pizzeria accommodates the flame with a gentle movement towards the chimney flue, after the cooking floor has been well irradiated.
    6. The cooking floor of the Special Pizzeria is made of refractory brick that can withstand heat up to 1200°C and be replaced without the help of experts because of the smooth and shaped pieces that compose it.
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