Pizza Ovens - Marana Forni

Marana® Forni was founded in the late 1980s in Verona, where production of its pizza ovens first began, and since become a landmark for many pizza chefs! Marana® Forni not only produces and sells wood, gas, pellet and combined ovens for pizza and food baking in general, but also boasts qualified staff in all sectors: from design to craftsmanship production of every single pizza oven, from direct sales to collaborations with trusted partners through to assembly backed up an efficient after-sales service.

During 2012, the company implemented structural renovation projects to help ensure GREEN energy management. Photovoltaic plant was installed on the roof of the factory capable of covering Marana® Forni’s electricity needs 100%, thereby drastically reducing CO2 emissions. Marana® Forni for over twenty years has been the Official technical Sponsor of the World Pizza Championships (as well as the French, Belgian and Spanish Championships), providing these events with experience and technological developments in the field. This is why Marana® pizza ovens are synonymous with quality and have been chosen for many years by the top master pizza chefs in the world.