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"Alfa" Forno 4 Pizze

  • "Alfa" Forno 4 Pizze

    "Alfa" Forno 4 Pizze

    Technical Details

    Floor area 0,48 m2
    Minutes to heat up 20
    Depth 88,0 cm 
    Width  150,0 cm
    N° pizzas at a time 4
    Bread baking 4 Kg
    Cooking floor 80x60 cm
     Flue 15 cm
    Pizzas in 15 minutes 14
    Average consumption 4 Kg/h
    Mouth Width 68 cm
    Mouth Height 22 cm
    Weight 140 Kg
    Colours Copper/Antique Red

    The 4 Pizze oven is designed for the family. Its wide mouth and proportions make the 4 Pizze oven handy, fast and most of all versatile. With 4 Pizze you can cook grilled meat, fish, roasts and above all great pizzas. Its small size makes it possible to enter any place.

    1. The inner dome is made of thermal, light and robust stainless steel.
    2. The double ceramic fibre insulation retains heat for a long time and consumes very little wood.
    3. The cooking floor of the 4 Pizze oven is made of refractory material like pizzeria ovens.
    4. Using the wheels, it can be easily moved both indoors and outdoors without a problem!
    5. At the end of the evening, if you let it cool for a few minutes, you can bake up to four 1.5 kg loaves of bread.


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