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"Alfa" Forno Gusto Top Oven

  • "Alfa" Forno Gusto Top Oven

    "Alfa" Forno Gusto Top Oven

    Technical Details

    Floor area 0.30m2
    Minutes to heat up 15
    Depth 77,0 cm
    Width 74,0 cm
    N° pizzas at a time 2
    Bread baking 2 Kg
    Cooking floor 60x50 cm
    Flue 18 cm
    Pizzas in 15 minutes 8
    Average consumption 3 Kg/h
    Mouth Width 51 cm
    Mouth Height 21.5 cm
    Weight 95 Kg
    Colours Pearl White

    Gusto Top is the wood-fired oven for more versatile interiors. It is ready for use and can be easily placed next to the fireplace or in the den. It can also be rested against the counter top of the kitchen.

    1. The stainless steel vault allows for the right temperature to be reached in a few minutes and with little wood; the heat accumulates and keeps for the cooking time.
    2. The cooking floor of the Gusto Top oven is made of refractory material like pizzeria ovens.
    3. The Gusto Top oven is available in Pearl White only.
    4. Gusto Top cooks with the counter closed while the cooking is on view through the glass and with the counter open when you want maximum ease of cooking.
    5. Cooking with Gusto Top is a real pleasure: the flame browns the food while it illuminates and warms the environment.
    6. Gusto is a complete and functional product, you only need to connect it to the chimney flue.
    7. The GustoTop wood-fired oven can be placed on or rest against the counter top of the kitchen.
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