Quality and Tradition

How is the Alfa Pizza dome different?

Alfa ovens are designed with a high round dome capable of retaining large amounts of heat within the oven. Inside the Alfa oven, fire moves towards the dome unobstructed and heat is reflected back towards the oven floor. All the areas of the oven are thus heated uniformly and the oven can reach high temperatures and maintain them for the duration of the night. The refractory oven floor is capable of maintaining the high temperatures needed to give the pizza the right about of cooking once it is placed on the oven floor.

How is the Alfa Pizza oven floor different?

Alfa oven floors are composed of high temperature resistant refractory bricks. The refractory clay used to produce these bricks is pure, just as it is found in nature, and ensures even cooking and distribution of heat across the over floor. The tiled cooking floor allows for easy substitution of parts that have been worn down after thousands of pizza peels have passed over them and tons of wood has been burned.

How is the AlfaPizza super refractory mix different?

Our traditional refractory mix has been guaranteeing client satisfaction for over thirty years with maximum strength and maximum heat retention. The fire clay is used exactly as it is found in nature and guarantees a result that has withstood the test of time.

How are the Alfa Pizza oven mouths different?

Thanks to our spacious and well-designed oven mouths, baking has never been so easy. We created space for convenience without renouncing beauty and function. Both the oven mouth of the Pizza al Metro and the Special Pizzeria have been tested by a generation of pizzaioli.

How doesan Alfa Pizza oven ensure a uniform cooking of the pizza?

Our dome is designed to reflect heat. Imagine that the top of the dome is the sun and the earth that the oven floor. When the oven is lit the high oven dome is heated in such a way that the oven floor becomes 4 times hotter than it would be otherwise. For this reason the pizza in the oven cooks evenly from below as well as from above.

How do I save money with Alfa Pizza ovens?

Alfa ovens provide you with clear economies of scale. The cost of running a wood fired oven is negligible compared with an electric oven. Alfa wood burning ovens can help you save up to 75% on fixed electricity costs. Choosing wood means choosing ecology and tradition while also saving comfortably.

Why trust Alfa Pizza?

With Alfa you are guaranteed of having chosen the global leader in professional and domestic oven manufacturing. Our experts are working every day to meet the needs of both commercial and private clients. For thirty years Alfa has been a mark of guarantee.

Does AlfaPizza produce all its ovens internally?

Our ovens are fully designed, manufactured and tested at our headquarters in Anagni, Italy. Our various departments ensure that every level of production is controlled using the most up-to-date technologies and Italian manufacturing traditions.