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Pizzeria “Kiosk beautiful” Rome (IT)

How did you hear about Alfa?
I first installed Alfa’s Special Pizzeria oven in my pizzeria in 1986. At the time, the product was recommended to me, and since then it has been a faithful companion.

Why did you decide to switch your oven?
Even if the oven is 25 years old, the reasons why I want to change it are of aesthetic nature and one of size. In fact at this moment I have other needs and would like a larger oven.

How have you found yourself working with an Alfa oven?
I’ve been working with an Alfa oven for 25 years and it’s always been up to the task. In a few months I will send this oven into retirement and purchase a new Special Pizzeria oven, perhaps with the new arch, and I’m sure it will last another 25 years.

In 25 years, what kind of maintenance have you had to perform?
They say that in a professional pizzeria the oven floors need to be changed often. With this oven I only had to change it once.

Pizzeria “Nduja 2” Roma (IT)

How did you hear about Alfa?
I’ve used Alfa ovens in my restaurants for many years now, since they have always lived up to the situation, considering that our weekly average is about 2000 pizzas.

Why did you decide to switch the ovens? 
I think that a working tool of this kind must always provide the best performance possible, considering factors such as time, savings and work. With Alfa I’ve always gotten the results I was looking for, so in our restaurants we have always and will always install only Alfa ovens.

How are you? 
Obviously well, since there has to be a reason why I’ve installed Alfa ovens in all three of my restaurants.

Pizzeria “Ramzy” Fiumicino (IT)

Why did you change your oven? 
The oven I had before was dispersing heat in the bathroom, even in summer you couldn’t use it. The oven floor was also too high, imagine that I had to change it after only 6 months.

Why did you choose an Alfa oven? 
Because it is a real oven, built from refractory clay, not concrete, and it keeps temperature well. Customers have immediately noticed that the pizza is better, even though I am using the same dough mixture as before.

How are you? 
Great! Customers have realized immediately that I changed the oven and compliment me all the time. How do I find working with the Alfa oven? Now the oven height is perfect, and the next morning I find the oven temperature is at 250° C, so I save almost 50% on wood. I thank Alfa for their excellent work and for an immediate solution to my problem.

How long did it take to install your Alfa oven? 
On Monday they came and dismantled the old oven and installed the new one. On Thursday I was already making pizza, having taken care on the previous days to cure the oven before using it for my work. On Monday I took it up to 80° C, on Tuesday to 120° C, on Wednesday to 180° C, and finally on Thursday to 250° C. Tell how you went about choosing your new oven. I called Alfa for a quote and shortly after they sent a technician to me for a free inspection. I explained what my problems were and how I would like my ideal oven to be and they presented me with a customized solution that clearly responded to my needs.

Pizzeria “The David” Ariccia

Why did you install an Alfa oven in your pizzeria?
I worked for many years in another pizzeria that had an Alfa oven. I found working with it was great, so when I decided to open a pizzeria I immediately thought of buying an Alfa oven.

How many years did you work with the other oven?
I worked for 13 years with that oven and it was always a great help to me. Think that we only had to change the oven floor once.

How long has it been since you opened your new pizzeria? 
6 months.

How many pizzas do you make per week? 
On average I make 600 pizzas per week and I am very happy with the product