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Warranty Information

Alfa Refrattari Ovens are guaranteed in accordance with Italian and European community laws.


Alfa ovens have a warranty period of 2 (two) years from date of purchase. With proper maintenance and correct use, the oven will last significantly longer than the aforementioned warranty period.


Warranty on Alfa products is considered void in the following circumstances:
  1. The oven was not assembled and/or used properly.
  2. The oven was damaged or tampered with in any way, both voluntarily and/or involuntarily.
  3. The oven, for whatever reasons, was physically altered in any way and is no longer in the same condition it was in when it left the factory. Any modifications of any kind will void this warranty.
  4. Combustible material other than wood was used to light fires in the oven. Do not use any artificial fire or BBQ starter fluids or chemicals, artificial logs or wood or other fuels. Do not burn any plastics, food packaging, food warp or other man made materials.
  5. Damage to the oven resulting from the use of chemical products inside or outside of the oven.